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Cisco 819 Integrated Services Router

The Cisco 819 ISR is available in both non-hardened (Cisco 819G) and hardened (Cisco 819HG) versions. Both models include support for 4G LTE wireless WAN (WWAN) speeds. Support for 4G offers cost-effective, rapidly deployable, reliable, and secure primary or backup connectivity. With support for industrial-grade components, the hardened Cisco 819HG extends the ISR M2M Gateway … Continued

Wilson 304411 Multi-Band High Gain Yagi Antenna

The Wilson 304411 Multi-Band Yagi Antenna is a 700MHz – 2500MHz antenna with 8-10 dB of gain.The higher gain of this directional antenna would greatly improve the performance of these amplifiers compared to other antennas. The sealed housing is UV stabilized ABS plastic and is fully weather-proof. Additional Information