Key Industries and Verticals

Connectivity for a Variety of Businesses and Use Cases

We offer network connectivity solutions that are ideal for multiple
industries, verticals, and business use cases.

Retail POS

Conduct secure transactions in a
mobile environment.

From Credit Card/Cash Register processing to lottery scratch off ticketing machines, take advantage of a flexible, multi-carrier wireless solution to improve profitability and operational efficiency. Maintain PCI compliance with customized design options for secure and nonsecure segmentation of the network.

Industry Benefits
  • Get to market quickly without incurring significant upfront costs
  • Enjoy pooled pricing and low telemetry for connectivity with low bandwidth costs.
  • Provide enhanced customer experiences and transaction security.

Oil & Gas

Reduce Costs of Mission-Critical Operations

Network connectivity for remote facilities, paired with system monitoring and device management options for maximum productivity and 360-degree view into operations.

Industry Benefits
  • Access, monitor and control assets in the field
  • Gather real-time data throughout every phase of production and distribution
  • Mitigate risk of safety issues, spills and leaks, or costly hazards to the environment
  • Rugged equipment built to withstand rain, wind and temperature fluctuations


Minimize the cost of downtime and theft.

Flexible options give your financial institution the ability to provide excellent customer service while also protecting your business against costly downtime, theft of assets, and other threats.

Industry Benefits
  • Minimize technology costs with pooled pricing, low telemetry rates and no CAPEX
  • Secure connectivity for faster deployments and response times
  • Provide mobile connectivity for temporary banking locations like sports or music events
  • Minimize loss from theft with geofencing options


Power kiosks where traditional fixed lines might not be available

Low-cost installation, pooled pricing, low telemetry rates and no CAPEX help minimize the costs associated with deploying and managing retail kiosks.

Industry Benefits
  • Reduce costs with pooled pricing, low telemetry rates and faster transactions.
  • Increase operational efficiencies with quick response times.
  • Get products to market faster and gather valuable insight into customer behaviors.
  • Improve potential revenue-generating opportunities.

Digital Signage

Update digital messages quickly and easily.

A reliable and secure network infrastructure enables the seamless management of digital signage solutions for increased efficiencies and enhanced productivity.

Industry Benefits
  • Reduce costs with no CAPEX, pooled pricing, and low telemetry rates
  • Get to market faster with white-glove setup and installation
  • Increase efficiencies with business continuity and failover
  • Protect your assets with geofencing options