One source for training, quotes, marketing materials and contact. Broad Sky has designed an Agent friendly program to support sales training, prequalification, custom quotes, sales calls as well as paperwork and post sales follow up. Broad Sky’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction includes our sister company, TechLink Services, that handles all of our installations. We control the experience your customers receive and keep you and your customer informed through the installation process. Broad Sky offers all these products with an aggressive compensation package for your organization.

Multi-Carrier LTE – Broad Sky offers the most sophisticated multi-carrier 4G LTE wireless solutions available…If you’re not talking to your customers about LTE and Business Continuity-someone else is! Fixed Wireless LTE is the ideal solution for multi-site businesses, remote field offices, home office workers, and production and distribution facilities located remote from fiber based services. Deploy Broad Sky fixed wireless LTE solutions into your existing customer base to increase retention, add incremental revenue, and become strategic to your customer’s business needs. Business Continuity Solutions allows you to initiate conversations at higher levels within your target organization and ask questions simple connectivity solutions don’t allow. Be Strategic! Ask us how!

WiMax Fixed Wireless Service – Our WiMAX service is powered by 4 carriers covering 88 major metropolitan areas in the US and growing (see WiMAX coverage cities). Broadband speeds from 2M up to GigE speeds are available with 100% guaranteed uptime. There is no local telco so service can install in days and scales with your customers’ needs easily and isn’t bound by T-1 increments.

Satellite Broadband Services – Broad Sky offers a full suite of satellite broadband solutions from 6 different carriers in 5 product sets. We have satellite service offerings that handle VPNs, VoIP, Private Networks and mobile solutions. Our service covers North and South America so your customers’ needs are met no matter where they are located.

T-1, DS3, Ethernet and Fiber – We offer solutions for terrestrial T-1, DS3, Ethernet and Fiber to complete your customers’ needs. Broad Sky offers multiple carriers nationwide. Ask us about Co-Mingled flat rate MPLS! The solution to wildly varying MPLS access costs for multi-site businesses.

Hosted VoIP – Broad Sky’s Hosted VoIP service is optimized to work on wireless networks, even satellite! Our VoIP services offers high quality Voice at competitive rates that pairs with wireless or terrestrial services.

Broad Sky is designed to work with Agents and Master Agents as a partner friendly program supporting your agents with sales and technical support. We offer sales training, provide joint calls with your customers, product evaluations, custom quotes, and order entry support. Broad Sky offers technical support calls before, during and after the sale. Our compensation plan is aggressive with “Evergreen” commissions (for the life of the customer). Which program is right for your organization?

Master Agents – Organizations with a substantial Agent network that understands the value of enhancing their portfolio of products with a company designed to work with this indirect sales model. Broad Sky offers a very lucrative compensation plan that makes this a great addition to your line. Broad Sky has ongoing sales support, training seminars and marketing opportunities. For more information please contact

Agents – Agents are sales organizations with an established customer base looking to expand and complement their current product offerings to stay in touch with their customer’s needs. Broad Sky offers full sales training, support, technical assistance, and a beneficial compensation plan. For more information please contact

Referral – Organization with an established customer base or generating like product relationships but not set up to sell the customer directly. Referral organizations can refer qualified leads to Broad Sky for a compensation fee of referral closed. For more information contact