OOBM – Out of Band Management

Access Critical Devices with Out-Of-Band Management from Broad Sky Networks

Out-of-Band Management (OOBM) from Broad Sky Networks provides you with real-time access to mission critical devices and applications in the event of a network failure. Wireless failover enables secure remote console access, providing a second path through our network to a serial port on our device which is connected to the primary router administration console. CLI interface of the primary router allows you to reboot, troubleshoot, and review logs to quickly get your network up and running again. SSH access allows management of up to 8 devices behind the Broad Sky router.

Out-of-Band Management Provides Redundancy Plus Repair

Broad Sky’s OOBM solution gives you the ability to perform troubleshooting while our network is still passing traffic over high speed LTE and XLTE connections. Downtime is eliminated and primary network connections are restored without expensive truck rolls or the involvement of onsite staff. Critical second paths restore primary connections, saving you time, money and frustration during network downtime. Eliminate antiquated analog POTS lines that are unable to pass traffic rapidly and replace with OOBM from Broad Sky.