Retail POS

Reduce the Cost of M2M Communications for Retail POS with Broad Sky Networks

Broad Sky Networks provides the 4G/LTE wireless service retail organizations need to conduct transactions in a mobile environment. From airport vending kiosks to lottery scratch off ticketing machines, our M2M technology empowers retailers to take advantage of a flexible, multi-carrier wireless solution to improve profitability and operational efficiency. With no CAPEX required, our M2M solutions enable retailers get to market quickly without incurring significant upfront costs.

Throughout the installation process, Broad Sky helps retailers reduce the financial strain on IT departments by providing easy to configure solutions and professional, white-glove installation services for those looking to outsource IT management. Our M2M communications for retail POS machines also offers pooled pricing and low telemetry rates to give retailers the wireless connectivity they need while keep bandwidth costs low. Retailers across the country depend on Broad Sky Networks to ensure their M2M retail POS systems have the wireless service needed to stay competitive without breaking the bank.

Improve Customer Experiences and Transaction Security with M2M Retail POS

We give you the wireless connection you need to sell your products in mobile environments where fixed lines aren’t always possible. Our M2M communications solution allows you to provide enhanced customer experiences while giving your customers the comfort of knowing their transactions are secure. Broad Sky gives your business all the tools you need to make your network PCI compliant. In addition, we offer design options to provide secure and nonsecure segmentation of your network.