Oil & Gas

Reduce Costs of Mission-Critical Operations with M2M Oil & Gas Solutions

Broad Sky’s multi-carrier 4G/LTE network ensures that facilities in even the most remote environments stay securely connected to avoid downtime, reduce costs and streamline operational efficiency. Pooled pricing and low telemetry rates help you monitor and manage mission-critical operations while minimizing costs and eliminating CAPEX. Our system monitoring and device management options allow you to manage the status of field operations and ensure pipelines, pumps, valves and wellheads are operating safely and efficiently.

Increase Productivity and Minimize Risk with Broad Sky Networks

Our M2M oil and gas solutions allow you to access, monitor and control assets in the field and gather real-time data throughout every phase of production and distribution. Tighter industry regulations mean your business needs reliable, real-time access to equipment throughout every phase of production and distribution, even when personnel are off-site. With Broad Sky, you can rest assured that our M2M oil and gas solutions will help mitigate the risk of safety issues, spills and leaks, or costly hazards to the environment.

Customized M2M Solutions That Withstand Harsh, Remote Environments

Our M2M equipment is ideal for remote oil and gas production and distribution facilities that cover miles of oftentimes remote and inaccessible terrain with little or no opportunity for wired infrastructure. These conditions require a solution that not only provides ubiquitous connectivity, proven reliability and extended operating ranges, but also a rugged solution built to withstand environmental threats from rain, wind and temperature fluctuations. Our M2M technology protects your business from external threats, while also providing the high-performance, long-range connectivity needed to maintain consistent wireless communications.