Reliable, Cost-Effective Connectivity for Retail Kiosks Using M2M Technology

Broad Sky Networks provides retailers with reliable 4G/LTE and satellite connections to help power kiosks where traditional fixed lines might not be available. We provide a multi-carrier solution that provisions a primary wireless carrier, while leveraging a secondary carrier to serve as backup in the event of an outage. Offering low-cost installation, pooled pricing, low telemetry rates and no CAPEX, Broad Sky helps minimize the costs associated with deploying and managing retail M2M kiosks. From installation to deployment, our team of experts helps you decrease IT costs by providing the ability to get to market faster with easy to configure and quick to install M2M technology.

Benefits of M2M Communications for Retail Kiosks

  • Reduce costs with pooled pricing, low telemetry rates and faster transactions.
  • Increase operational efficiencies with quick response times.
  • Get products to market faster and gather valuable insight into customer behaviors.
  • Improve potential revenue-generating opportunities.

Improve Operational Efficiencies with Business Continuity and Wireless Failover

Network downtime can result in a poor experience for your customers and loss of revenue for your organization. M2M solutions from Broad Sky give you access to real-time data to improve operational efficiencies with faster response times to network issues and machine malfunctions. Picking up where traditional wired solutions aren’t available and providing an efficient and reliable network for all of your kiosk communication needs, our two-way data connectivity gives you the power to not only manage POS transactions, but also ensures that your customer data is transmitted efficiently and securely.