SCADA Solutions for Remote Locations

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are an integral component for cost-effectively monitoring your critical M2M and IoT devices. Broad Sky’s devices and SCADA connectivity enables you to manage and monitor the continuity and quality of your facilities, no matter how rural the location. Leveraging satellite communications, we provide two-way, narrowband communications in areas where other terrestrial infrastructure is unavailable. Our turn-key solution is easy to install and integrates seamlessly with your existing IT environment, allowing for connectivity to your SCADA terminals once installed.

Broad Sky enables your business to collect valuable data from the equipment at your remote SCADA sites, converting it into actionable insights. This helps you reduce costs incurred from maintenance and site visits and also minimizes downtime.

Other benefits of Broad Sky’s SCADA solution includes:

  • Full visibility of remote SCADA site locations
  • Reduced costs of maintenance, downtime and site visits
  • Increased efficiency due to early detection and faster response times