Business Continuity

Protect Your Business with Business Continuity

Having a Business Continuity plan in place is critical in today’s cloud-based business environment. With more business applications shifting from on-premise to a cloud-hosted environment, the impact of network downtime in the event of a natural disaster or data outage is greater than ever. An outage, for even a few minutes, can result in revenue and inventory loss, productivity downtime, and even customer loss.

Broad Sky Networks provides business continuity plans that enable your business to create a diverse path to your primary network, ensuring your voice, video and data applications stay up-and-running in the event of an outage. Leveraging 4G LTE and satellite networks as a secondary network, Broad Sky protects your primary network and your business during an outage. Fast, reliable failover to your secondary network means your business can still access critical cloud-applications until your primary network is restored.

At Broad Sky, we understand the damaging effects a network outage can have on your business. Our Business Continuity plans are customized to make sure that your business, data and communication networks are protected during any situation.

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